Small Business Award


Typefi is a global leader in single-source automated publishing software, enabling people around the world to publish their content faster and in more formats – without compromising on design or content integrity.

Typefi’s cutting-edge, user-friendly platform provides customers – from small businesses to global publishers, international organisations and Fortune 500 enterprises – with the ability to take a single source of content and automatically render it in their choice of over 30 formats for print, online and mobile in just minutes, with 100% accuracy.

Most customers experience production time savings of 50–90% following implementation of Typefi, and can expand their product offerings across multiple platforms with minimal increases in production costs.

Established in 2001 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Typefi expanded to North America in 2007 and Europe in 2009. Currently, 90% of Typefi’s customers are based overseas, and include many household names.

Typefi employs 45 people worldwide, with offices in Australia, the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, and additional staff in the USA, UK, France, and Romania.

In the 2017–18 financial year, exports accounted for 92% of Typefi’s revenue. Typefi continues to innovate, and is firmly committed to increasing its market share in both established and previously unexplored international markets.

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