Small Business Award

Ryan Aerospace

Ryan Aerospace specialises in the design, manufacture and throughlife support of an innovative new kind of helicopter simulator, aimed largely at the defence sector but also in use by many other commercial and emergency services operations.

The company’s new HELIMOD Mark III has changed the face of helicopter training. Compared to traditional simulators, the HELIMOD Mark III is lower in cost, simpler to run and takes up a very small footprint. It also provides a new level of immersion and realism using the power of virtual reality technology.

In December 2018, the US Army tested the device at Fort Rucker, the undisputed leader in military helicopter training. They were so impressed by the training system that they committed to rewriting their training curriculum and completely changing the way they train their helicopter pilots. As a result, Ryan Aerospace won a world-wide search and received a purchase order for 32 HELIMOD Mark III helicopter simulators.

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