Environmental Solutions Award

Phibion Pty Ltd

Phibion Pty Ltd (previously known as Residue Solutions Pty Ltd) is a global leader in specialised dewatering technology in mineral processing and land reclamation.

Using unique and innovative technology, Phibion provides process-engineering solutions to civil engineering problems, delivering sustainable outcomes.

Phibion’s founders invented accelerated mechanical consolidation (AMC) as a means to dewater mineral tailings and dredge material. AMC dewaters materials, reducing their volume and operational footprint, providing more recurring economic, environmental and social value compared to any competing technology. AMC is now used with over 8 commodities across Australia and around the world. This process utilises the MudMaster® as the optimal machine that can provide this service as a safe, cost-effective and scalable solution for any operation.

Phibion Pty Ltd (and associated companies) proudly designs, engineers and manufactures the MudMaster® right here in Queensland and has been exporting MudMaster® technology all over the world since 2009. The company has grown from a single-employee, consulting-based operation to an equipment and services provider in over 9 countries. The company maintains a cutting-edge research program and the pace of innovation will continue with new developments entering the market this year.

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