Regional Exporter Award


Opmantek is a world leader in the fields of AIOps (artificial intelligence operations), IT infrastructure management and audit software, and was the 2017 Australian Exporter of the Year for Digital Technologies.

The company and its team of innovators have been the recipients of numerous international awards and accolades, including:

  • ‘Most innovative company’ – 2016 American Business Awards
  • ‘Australian Executive of the Year’ – 2015 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
  • ‘People’s Choice award for System’s Management’ – 2015 American Business Awards
  • ‘Australian ICT Exporter of the Year’ twice – 2014 and 2017 Australian Export Awards.

In 2018, Opmantek increased its global market penetration dramatically, with over 130,000 organisations globally now relying on our software to provide critical network performance information to their IT teams to assist them in detecting faults, reviewing current and historical data, and predicting where future failures and resource exhaustion is likely to occur.

In January 2016, international research organisation Gartner identified Opmantek as a leader in the field of network automation and, with a new organisation implementing an Opmantek product every 6 minutes, many believe Opmantek to be the fastest growing enterprise software company in the world.

Opmantek has over 2,000 global partners who represent Opmantek products in addition to online sales.

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