Agribusiness Award

Mort & Co

Mort & Co is a proudly Queensland brand, and is the largest Australian-owned feedlotter, with over 74,000 head of feedlot capacity.

The business currently turns over up to 200,000 cattle per annum, of which over 9,100 head are exported under the company’s premium brands – Grandchester Black Angus and the Phoenix Wagyu.

The business has grown significantly since commencing 21 years ago. This growth can be attributed to the company’s commitment to act with integrity and foster strong relationships with all stakeholders. The success and growth of Mort & Co can also be attributed to the desire of management and staff to challenge the status quo, continue to innovate, and integrate their operations by investing in aligned and complimentary businesses. The business today includes feedlotting, farming, cottonseed de-hulling, backgrounding, beef processing and export, transport, and fertiliser manufacturing.

Mort & Co honours and lives its values of integrity, innovation, systems, enjoyment, and continuous improvement.

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