Tom Burns Award for Women in International Business

iVolve Industrial Technology

Kim Parascos, CEO

iVolve provides technology and tools to small to mid-tier miners and contractors, which enables them to ramp up their efficiency in an increasingly competitive market.

iVolve sells software and hardware solutions that give customers access to real-time data from mobile assets, allowing them to make informed decisions on both day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

iVolve products help clients overcome problems related to access to the internet and coverage in remote areas and on sites spread across a very large area. Designed with the knowledge of these constraints, iVolveā€™s product has inbuilt mesh networking, which allows for dynamic extension of the network and operation of the remote circuit independent of a site network, so machines can communicate 1 to 1.

iVolve also helps clients identify the value of specific key values to their sites that are lacking and works with them to improve from the vast amount of data available.

iVolve exports to the USA and Europe and is looking at building local representation in Asia and Europe.

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