Minerals, Energy and Related Services Award

International Mill Relines

International Mill Relines (IMR) is an international mining services provider based in Cairns, Queensland.

IMR offers mill relining, engineering, labour hire, shutdown maintenance, machine design and refurbishment, consultancy and project management.

The company was established because its founders saw that many large mining organisations were unable to be flexible with their operations to small-medium mine sites, focusing on larger operations, leaving 50% of the mining industry with little assistance and costly services. IMR aims to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions worldwide, and solve the issues associated with mineral processing.

IMR’s first project was at the Nui Phao mine in Vietnam in 2014, followed by a contract at Masbate mine in the Philippines. Spurred on by this success, IMR broke into the Saudi Arabian markets and has now established a major partnership in PNG. The company also export to parts of Africa, South East Asia, New Caledonia, Mongolia, Finland and Oman.

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