Creative Industries Award

Cutting Edge

After 26 years of operation, the Cutting Edge Group continues to find great success exporting Australia’s creative talent globally.

Our focus on quality control and client experiences has built a reputation that attracts international projects. The group invests in research and development, leading technology and an impressive creative team to capitalise on opportunities from abroad.

Responsive to changes across multiple international markets, the group delivers scalable creative content, catering to the need for video-on-demand streaming, greater requirements for data security, agile on-location reality television production support, and a growing need for high-end VFX.

The business continues to experience growth in export sales. Strong performances from the past 12 months mean exports constitute 59% of the business’s total revenue. This signifies a 9.7% increase in exports over the previous year. By monitoring creative media trends, responding to global demand, and staying at the leading edge of content technology, Cutting Edge Group delivers creative content for clients in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Over the past 12 months, the group has delivered film post-production for ‘Winchester’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’, advertising campaigns for international brands ‘Honda Jet’, ‘Infiniti’, and ‘Lexus’, plus Netflix’s ‘Tidelands’.

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