Minerals and Energy Award

Core Resources

Core’s vision is to use innovation to change the way the world produces minerals, so that future mining is clean and sustainable.

Core’s export sales grew 80% in 2017–18, after export growth of 275% from 2015–16 to 2016–17. This represents 5-fold export growth in 2 years. Exports now make up 60% of Core’s sales, from 20% just 2 years ago. This has created jobs: Core’s headcount has grown 70% over the same period.

The driver of Core’s extraordinary export growth is innovation to provide products and services that are superior to our global competitors.

Clean technology – Core has a focus on developing new, clean methods for producing the minerals that society needs. Core’s expertise is in the clean processing of complex ores and minerals. Clients include governments, Tier 1 mining groups, mid-size companies and emerging juniors.

Waste treatment – Core has expertise in cleaning up tailings, residues and effluents from mining. Core also offers its proprietary Queensland-developed clean technologies, the Albion ProcessTM and the Toowong Process.

New-energy minerals – Core is developing treatment options for minerals such as rare earths, lithium, scandium, cobalt, vanadium and graphene, which will be essential in a low-carbon future.

Global reach – Core has projects in more than 20 countries on every continent. Recently, Core has been instrumental in bringing modern clean-processing technology to a Soviet-era mine in Armenia and in managing a legacy tailings re-treatment project in South Africa.

Core is currently working on several projects involving the recovery of valuable minerals from mining wastes to support comprehensive site clean-up of disused industrial sites.

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