Business Services Award

AssetOn Group Pty Ltd

Established in 2016, AssetOn develops essential data on vehicle maintenance, primarily in the mining industry.

Using unique in-house software and processes, the company is able to quickly build, customise, and deploy master data to clients for a fixed price from a remote location, eliminating the need for on-site consultants. This efficient service delivers high-quality master data to clients, which allows them to maintain critical assets cost effectively and safely.

AssetOn has exported its services to mining companies internationally, executing contracts in Suriname, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea and Ghana. In 2018–19, the company plans to enter the USA and South America.

AssetOn has formed a partnership with Caterpillar’s distributor in Queensland, Hastings Deering. Caterpillar equipment is the dominant brand of mobile mining equipment worldwide. This agreement markets services through Hastings Deering’s network in Queensland, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. This partnership was the result of 18 months of negotiations and a successful trial project, helping AssetOn to become established as a major player in this niche market.

A difficult part of the negotiation was to get approval from Caterpillar (the franchise holding) for Hastings Deering to distribute AssetOn services. With this hurdle overcome, AssetOn can leverage the relationship with other Caterpillar dealers around the world for further international growth.

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