Technology and Innovation Award


AKIPS develops the world’s most scalable network and infrastructure monitoring software, delivered as a turn-key software appliance to many well-known and prestigious organisations.

AKIPS was international from day one, with a major focus on mid to large organisations based in North America. Customers are also located in France, Italy, New Zealand and the UK.

AKIPS Network Monitor provides unmatched features, scale and visibility of critical real-time and historical performance metrics and logs – from the heart of the data centre all the way to the end user. Customers describe AKIPS as their ‘source of truth’.

AKIPS Network Monitor allows network engineers to be proactive instead of firefighting; to detect, analyse and rectify issues and faults before user complaints; and to significantly reduce business impact and disruption.

A single instance of AKIPS monitors, analyses, reports and alerts on over 20 million metrics per minute, without breaking a sweat. This is typically 1000 times bigger than competitors, at a fraction of the price point.

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