Recognising Resilience

Exporters and investors are major contributors to the Australian economy, driving progress and development across the country from the cities to the outback.

In response to the disruption of 2020, they rose to the evolving business challenges with courage and innovation.

The 2020 Australian Export & Investment Awards took on a different format to celebrate the remarkable efforts of all exporters and investors under the theme of ‘Recognising Resilience’.

Similar to the #SupportQLDExport campaign run by Trade and Investment Queensland, the national awards called for exporters and investors to share their stories to inspire businesses across Australia.

In December 2020 it was announced that over 340 remarkable Australian exporters had submitted their story, including over 63 Queensland exporters.

From this outstanding contribution, at the National Remarkable Australian Exporters Showcase, 8 Australian businesses were commended for their ingenuity, perseverance, innovation and resilience.

Since then, many more outstanding stories have been developed for the Australian Export & Investment Awards website as either feature articles or video stories.

Showcasing amazing Australian businesses


Remarkable Australian exporters showcase

Australian exporters who adapted to the challenges of 2020 by embracing technology, developing new products and breaking into different markets have been recognised for their inspiring achievements.

Eight exporting businesses have been selected for the 2020 Remarkable Australian Exporter online showcase, from a field of more than 340 companies:

  • Summernats (ACT)
  • Flavourtech (NSW)
  • Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation (DAAFF) (NT)
  • Icon Group (Qld)
  • Bec Hardy Wines (SA)
  • Novaris (Tas)
  • Care Essentials (Vic); and
  • Epichem (WA).

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