Sunshine Coast Council

Bernard Salt, Australia’s leading demographer, calls the Sunshine Coast ‘the entrepreneurship capital of Australia’ – but did you know we also have a major focus on trade and investment?

Our Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 strives for 20% of goods and services produced in the Sunshine Coast region to be exported by 2033. To help drive this into action, our region delivers a multi-faceted export program to support current and emerging exporters.

The Sunshine Coast is also driving the development of the region as a digital trade hub – an Australian first, which will be highlighted in the South East Queensland City Deal. Our international broadband submarine cable provides the fastest data connection from Australia’s east coast to Asia, and the second-fastest to the USA, making cloud computing more effective and allowing a range of industries to better collect and analyse big data and make more informed, real-time decisions.

An expanded Sunshine Coast Airport is providing new people and freight connections to Asia.

The Sunshine Coast is helping strengthen Queensland’s trade and investment credentials. Maybe it’s time for you to come and explore the opportunities this healthy, smart and creative region can offer you and your business.