2M Language Services

Founded in 1999, 2M Language Services is one of Australia’s leading language service providers.

2M specialises in helping Australian exporters to expose their products and services to hundreds of millions of new users and reach their international markets successfully. Services include translation of text and video content, conference interpreting, voiceover and subtitle production, website localisation, foreign language typesetting/DTP, multilingual social media and apps, cross-cultural training, and export marketing to corporate clients worldwide. We translate into over 250 different languages and dialects. Integrated workflows and data analysis enable measuring of outcomes of all multilingual campaigns.

Our 2M Europe Office in Paris provides an entry point and dedicated support to Europe and into the various African markets. With our new office in Córdoba, Argentina, we offer ‘Follow-the-Sun’ project management to assist our clients’ Latin American and US teams locally and within their time zone.

The use of sophisticated translation technology and terminology management by our experienced translators and editors ensures consistency and high-quality content across all verticals and sectors.