Queensland winner in various categories, 2014–2019
Australian Exporter of the Year – Digital Technologies 2014 and 2017

As a Gold Coast software company, we’re very proud of the fact that we’ve won multiple Queensland export awards and took out national awards in 2014 and 2017.

Being named Australian Exporter of the Year for Digital Technologies brought real benefits to our business in the global marketplace.

When organisations outside of Australia decide to purchase from an Australian company instead of a local provider, there are often key decision-makers who have to stick their neck out to make it happen.

Being named Australian Exporter of the Year makes it much easier for overseas decision-makers to justify working with you, and gives them a lot of comfort. The export awards also add credibility to the company in terms of attracting and retaining staff and, interestingly, they also help internet search algorithms and improve your search rankings.

All of this happened because we took the first step to enter the Queensland awards.

Danny Maher, Executive Chairman

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