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Winner, Emerging Exporter Award 2019

As a new exporter and a small agricultural business, it was great encouragement to win the Emerging Exporter Award the first year that we entered.

The award was a great accolade for our hard-working team – 9 people in Far North Queensland and a small global sales force.

Attending the Awards Gala was also really special for us as a family business from regional Queensland. It was a great networking opportunity – a wonderful evening with lots of opportunities.

Since winning the award, we’ve continued to grow despite COVID-19. We’ve continued to work on new ways to use over-supplies of bananas and other fruit, including in our new product, GUTHEALTH+. We’re also looking to new export markets, and we find that the award is well respected in the international trade community when we’re engaging with businesses overseas.

I’d definitely encourage other companies to enter this year, even if you think you aren’t ready. It’s a great way to learn and grow.

Krista Watkins, Managing Director

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