Q: Who won?

A: View the list of winners as announced on Thursday 10 October 2019.

Q: Who were the finalists? 

A: View the list of finalists as announced on Monday 9 September 2019.

Q: What happens to the information supplied in my entry?

A: All the information you supply will be treated as commercial-in-confidence. The Queensland awards (and the national awards if you are a category winner) will use your information only for the purpose of judging the awards.

Q: My head office is located in Queensland, but I have operations in other states: can I enter more than one awards program?

A: If your head office is located in Queensland, then you can only enter the Queensland awards.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to enter and, if I’m unsure, who can I ask?

A: Before entering, check the eligibility criteria; if you’re still not sure whether you’re eligible, contact us for clarification.

Q: Can I enter more than one category?

A: Yes – but you can only win in one category. Also, please note that our judges reserve the right to determine which category is most appropriate for your business, although they will normally adopt your stated preference.

Q: I’m unsure about some of the questions in the entry form and also have some queries about what type of photos I need to upload. Can I contact someone about these questions or have some help preparing my entry?

A: Yes! If you have any specific questions regarding your entry or would like some help, contact us. You can also register for free support from our interns program, and one of our trained international business students will help you draft your entry.

Q: I’ve received information about the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards and about the Australian Export Awards. What’s the difference?

A: Each Australian state and territory runs an export awards program. Entering at the state or territory level is your only path to the Australian Export Awards, with category winners from each state and territory automatically progressing to the Australian Export Awards as national finalists.

Q: Can I write my answers in a MS Word document and then cut and paste them into the online entry?

A: Yes, you can. But please be aware that if you paste more text than the allotted word limit, your answers will be cut off at the appropriate limit when saved.

Q: Can answers exceed the word limit allocated for each question?

A: No, each written question has a specific word limit. If you exceed that word limit, the system will automatically stop you typing, leaving your answer incomplete.

Q: I am concerned about putting my financial details into the entry form. Is this information mandatory? Is this information kept confidential? Who will be reading my entry?

A: Financial information is mandatory, and all information – including the financials contained in your entry – will be treated as strictly commercial-in-confidence and used only for judging. Every awards judge signs a confidentiality agreement before undertaking judging at both the state/territory and national awards levels.

Q: What elements of the entry are compulsory?

A: All elements in the entry are compulsory. If a question does not apply to your product or service, you must enter ‘N/A’ in the text box.

Q: Can I submit my entry offline?

A: No, all entries must be submitted online. If you’re having difficulty with the online system or need help submitting your entry, please contact us.

Q: How will I know if my entry was submitted successfully?

A: You’ll receive an automated email confirming that your entry was submitted. If you don’t receive an email, contact our eAwards Technical Support team on 1300 959 555 or email them.

Q: What if I’ve submitted my entry and want to make a change before the closing date?

A: You can edit your entry until the closing date, even after you’ve submitted it. All you need to do is log back in, click on the ‘Edit Application’ button and use the navigation tools to edit sections of your entry. If you have any problems making a change, contact us. Please check all your answers carefully before submitting your entry.

Q: What if I’m having technical difficulties with the online entry system?

A: Contact our eAwards Technical Support on 1300 959 555 or email them.

Other questions? Please contact us.