Evolve Skateboards

Winner, Small Business Award 2015
Regional Business Award 2016
Queensland Exporter of the Year 2017

We got a lot out of entering the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards – more than we expected.

We used the contacts and judges’ feedback from our wins in 2015 and 2016 to really focus on a few key elements that were holding us back. By doing that, we were able to triple our revenue and ultimately took out the big win in 2017. It was really fantastic to celebrate that win with our team on the night and afterwards, because everyone worked very hard to achieve that growth.

Since taking out the Exporter of the Year, we’ve continued to grow and we now sell in more than 45 overseas markets. We still mention the award when it’s relevant – it gives us that added piece of credibility in certain situations.

Jeff Anning, Director/Founder

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